Thursday, May 2, 2013

Overdue for an update!

So I was thinking to myself that this is by no means an official progress photo...but DANG Y'ALL! I was doing some file clean up on my computer last night and found a whole batch of RAW CR2 files in my folder that had never been edited. I opened them and they were from our family vacation in December. And I was shocked to see what we looked like.

It is coincidental that James is wearing the same shirt (LOL) but I asked him to take a quick selfie with me really quick on his way out the door this morning to compare. I felt like we probably looked different but it's so surreal seeing it! So in this pic he has his messenger bag on his shoulder, ready to walk out the door, and the smoothie I whipped up for him in his hand! ;) I have damp hair from the shower and not a lick of makeup but I STILL felt happy and confident to share the pic. If that's not progress, then I don't know what is.

It's been quiet around here but we have STAYED ON TRACK! Which is a huge deal. The last two weeks of the semester for him is rough every time because, as an English professor, he gets flooded with term papers and barely has time to sleep, let alone maintain healthy habits.

The last two weeks of his semester every term coincides with two big holidays in my profession, too...NSD (National Scrapbook Day) the first Saturday in May, and then DSD (Digital Scrapbook Day) the first Saturday in November. I feel like my foot is chained to my desk in preparation for the influx of work. These two periods also coincide with semesters' end for the kids. So...plays, recitals, projects, conferences, you name it. Twice a year we face these struggles and for years we've never come out on the other side unscathed. No doubt we did our best to subtract years from our lives by not sleeping and living on caffeine and junk. I bet you we gained 5 lbs, twice a year, just in these periods alone. This year we've still exercised *some* days (we're not perfect!) and we've eaten properly ALL days. That part--is just non-negotiable. We've done it. Today is the last day of the semester. We survived it--without compromising our health. This is a huge breakthrough for us. I promise to try and post more now that we are through the crazies.


  1. You 2 are amazing, Lena.

  2. you can totally see the difference! keep up the good work!