Thursday, April 4, 2013

You can too spot reduce!

I was an aerobics instructor for 2 years. It was practically a whole lifetime ago. (From 2003 until 2005). I quit due to overuse injuries from teaching 2 hours of step aerobics a day. It was that or foot surgery, and who wants surgery? Not this girl.

While I was an aerobics instructor people always asked me..."How do I get rid of this ______ fat?" (Tummy, thigh, hip, butt, arm) I always gave them the "right" answer which is that you can't spot reduce...doing sit ups doesn't guarantee a flat stomach. Doing tricep dips won't eliminate arm fat. Sure, toning up your muscles is a fantastic idea...but fat stores where it stores and the way to reduce fat is cardio...of any sort...and you don't get to tell your run, "That one was for my thighs" or your Spinning class, "Take that off my belly, please."

I've always had a mesomorph/endomorph body type which means I'm kind of stocky/athletic. I'm not delicate, I don't have a pear shape. I've got a boyish body with big boobs, basically. Narrow hips, thicker through the middle. I carry my extra weight in the middle. My arms are average sized, my hips, butt and thighs have always been smallish but my problem area for sure!

In the past when I've lost weight, it comes off in all the wrong places. I enjoy when my face thins out, and my fingers, etc. But primarily I've lost it in my hips, butt & thighs that were already not that troublesome to begin with. My chest and tummy...where I'd like to lose it the most...has been stubborn.

Enter this new diet change.

I am spot reducing for the first time in my life.

Not eating grains or processed foods is SHRINKING ME IN THE RIGHT PLACES!

For the first time ever I had to go shopping and buy a smaller shirt size. Last year I lost 30 lbs, but not by eating healthy foods. By eating smaller portions of processed foods. I went down a pant size but not a shirt size. This year I've lost 30 lbs and have gone down a size in BOTH pants and shirts (and wedding ring!) By feeding my body what it needs, it is FINALLY getting rid of what it doesn't.

And THAT, my friends, makes me so happy I could cry.